Saturday, October 8, 2011

what's in your workspace?

I love learning about what keeps people motivated. Over the years, one correlation I've picked up is that between the clutter in my desk and mind. That happens a lot in writing: a bleeding between life and the product. In a matter of seconds, my motivation can go from steadfast to paper thin, able to disappear with a strong enough gust of wind.
Here are some things that keep it intact:

Chocolate-no explanation necessay
Post Its- for list fanatics everywhere
Sharpie pens-they won't bleed through! they write well!
Note cards- I love using different colors to jot down details about characters, scenes, etc.

Starbucks coaster- Two years ago, I saw a man making these in the West Village. The weather had an impending coldness to it, as though it was telling me things were about to change.
I picked the coaster up as a promise to finish every writing endeavor I started. It's more a symbol than anything else. Of course, it's faithfully endured the weight of many cups of coffee!

What helps you get to work?

P.S. That fat book in the back is Jeff Herman's Guide to Publishing. It has listings of agents and publishers. I highly recommend it to anyone in the query stage!

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  1. Hot Tamales! And my desk space isn't very big, so I have to keep it clear.