Tuesday, November 22, 2011

the importance of being selfish

"Yes" isn't just a single syllable. It's a slippery slope, an unquenchable hunger. This past year, one thing I've been able to do is say no more often. It's been a challenge in many ways. For once, I have to explain myself. "Oh, you can't do it? Why? You always can." I understand. I've built the space for these expectations and am now filling it with an "I can't" instead of what it's used to. But I've realized that time is too easily depleted and that each of us is entitled to our own piece of it. When "yes" comes in the way of adequate sleep and sanity, it's time for a shift.
So while I am thankful for so many things---great family, friends, and food---today, I'll place my gratitude on the power of "no."


  1. Soo important. If you don't value your time, how can you expect others to? They'll figure it out eventually. Happy thanksgiving!

  2. Ah..wisdom comes from the realization that a no can be pretty liberating. It is difficult to say but it saves us from tonnes of trouble.

  3. Some people don't know how to say no - so good for you!