Wednesday, December 7, 2011

If I Knew Then What I Know Now Part 3....

Today, I'm a quarter century old. So, since I can officially say that I am at the right age for a quarter life crisis, I thought it'd be fun to reflect and do another "if I knew then" post. Here it goes:

1. Sift through old diary entries. Take that scared girl who writes them and push her away from herself, so she can become who she needs to be.

2. When striking up a conversation, ask more about the person and speak less about yourself. Everyone appreciates it when someone takes interest in them.

3. The things that your mother pushes you for might have more to do with her than you. They're always in your best interest.

4. Stop comparing any part of your life to anyone else's. We really are on different paths and that's the whole point.

5. It's great to do well in school but don't let it define you. Be careful about the actions that define you.

6. Don't stay in a relationship because it's good enough. Sometimes there's nothing more lonely than good enough.

7. Make tiny changes for a big difference. Wake up a few minutes earlier. Eat whole grains. Walk.

8. Your emotions, the very things that will allow you to connect with others, may often become hindrances if you aren't careful. Remember that it won't help you to be too sensitive.

9. Everyone has the right to their own opinion. Everyone is allowed to love or hate you.

10. Don't give up because things don't work out. You'll spend years studying to be a doctor so why would becoming a writer be any different? There's always space for improvement and sometimes, rejections are there to tell you that.

P.S. Talli Roland's novel, Build A Man, is launching today! Congrats, Talli! I'm so excited to read and review :)


  1. This is a nice list of wisdom that only time can bring. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Happy Birthday!!! you must share your birthday celebrations - even if its not a big party (the little things are fun to hear too).

    #8 and #9 are things I believe in but are still so hard to deal with. Great list!

  3. Wow!
    Happy Birthday Saumya!
    We seem to have birthday on the same day and month.
    Let all things beautiful and meaningful, unfold themselves throughout your life!
    Have a great day and Happy Holidays too!

  4. Happy birthday! Hope it's been a lovely day!

  5. I'm loving these lists! #7 may be my fave--that's what I'm working on right now. Taking small steps to improve my life has made an amazing impact.

    Happy birthday!!!

  6. Happy Birthday, Saumya! Have a great day! I'm now feeling positively old as I read your post!

  7. Happy Birthday, Saumya!

    I actually worked on #2 last week, the first time in years I'd been alone with someone I didn't already know well. It was like an informal interview since the person I was talking to was too shy to say much without prompting!

    #4 is so hard, I think especially at this age when everyone (else) is starting to climb their careers, get engaged, get married, and have kids. #7 is also something I need to work on. Not huge sweeping changes, just little ones.

  8. oh gosh, I *soooo* agree with #1! I've kept a written diary since I was about 12 but haven't written in it as often in the past 8 years or so (basically since I started blogging). Still, it was so difficult to leave my ex-husband and then a couple years after I did so I found my old diaries when moving and read through a lot of the entries from when we first started dating...gah, if I'd done that when we were still married I think I would have wizened up and left him a hell of a lot sooner because the things I wrote at the beginning just solidified the awful way he treated me in the end. sigh.

  9. Hi there.. Happy Birthday!.. Just stumbled on ur blog.. Will come back..

  10. Thanks for the wishes, everyone! I'm so glad that we've been through similar experiences and continue to learn through them.

  11. Happy birthday! You are so young...
    Don't let words define you either.

  12. Belated Happy Birthday, Saumya. You sure sound like you have learned lots in the last one year.

  13. Belated Happy Birthday yaar! I can relate

  14. Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you!! Happy Birthday dear Saumyaaaaa!!! Happy Birthday to youuuuu!!!! I'm so sorry I'm late. I hope you had a birthday as fabulous as you are and filled with all your favorite things!!