Monday, January 16, 2012

thoughts to pass along...

Within the next couple of posts, I wanted to share some good news and a giveaway. Until then, I thought I'd leave you with some thoughts that have come my way. Some my own; some from people far more talented than myself.

1. An article stating that novels are written so we feel less lonely.

2. It's important to give as much credit to your failures as you do your successes. This past weekend in NYC reminded me that my year "off", probably seen as a failure by many in my educationally traditional community, was the happiest time of my life. I was often freezing, with the wind curling itself under my coat. I struggled to piece past and future together and assumed the role of a twenty-something year old cliche. But I fit into myself. That one truth will make that the most fulfilling year I've ever lived.

3. How much posting is too much on social networks? This piece explor
es the question. What do you use your social networks for? I ask this because I've gotten a suggestion to be more, er, active on my Twitter. I don't want to post just for the sake of posting (doesn't that annoy people??) and would love to hear how you use your tools!

4. If you enjoy writing, have you considered making a screenplay? The Golden Globes planted this question
(P.S. Favorite dresses: Anjelina's and Sophia Vergara's from Modern Family)

5. This last thought isn't a thought at all but rather a gaze backwards.
I had another uplifting weekend with Samir and when I called him after my flight home, he said, "I guess it's back to crappy reality now, huh?"
"No," I insisted. "Back to drudgery. You're my reality."
I used to not want to believe that our weekends---our secured pockets of time---were real because they made us so happy. But they form the blueprint for my future more than anything in my day to day life does. Sometimes reality can visit in spurts.


  1. You are very right, Saumya. A year off of all the drudgeries of life generally does good - pity our community rarely sees it as such.

    Don't even get me started about FB posting - there are couple of people in my friends list who post so much that they literally spam my feed - most of the postings are nonsense too OR fishing for compliments. It doesn't irritate me most of the time but when I am in a bad mood it really gets to me!

    How cute are you guys together! You are such a pretty lady! XX

  2. Hi Saumya..I cant offer any Twitter advice as I am not on Twitter. Its up to each individual on how active they want to be on any social networking site.

    You and Samir make a cute couple.

  3. Looking forward to reading the article on too much social networking. I've tried twitter and just feel lost and like it's a total time suck.

  4. "But I fit into myself. That one truth will make that the most fulfilling year I've ever lived." - wonderful! I made a similar choice in my early twenties: I turned down a much higher paying job for a very low paying job but in a part of the country that I loved - it was calling to me, I swear it really was. I never regretted it. It fit me.

  5. You two look so happy!
    I'm blogging for connections, for the friends I've made online.

  6. Aw, you two are so cute! And yay for taking the time to fit into yourself--what an important thing to do in your twenties.

  7. You and Samir are so adorable!

    Angelina was my favorite too!

    I didn't even know you are on Twitter!! What's your handle?? I'm @LauraMarcella

  8. You brought up some great points. I hate to post just for the sake of posting and that's why my break for awhile. I want ot have something worthwhile to say nor not:) Your pics of you and your honey are sweet!

  9. Some really great points here. I always feel like such a fraud when I force myself to write up a blog post just because it's been a couple of days since the last one. It's only fun when I really want to say something!

    Love the photos :-)

    1. Lovely pictures. Wish you the very best in your life!
      A very happy new year too!

  10. You guys are adorable!! And you look gorgeous on the pics!!
    Oh and don't mention twitter, I never-ever- go there...what can I say, I'm a tweeter no-go.
    I thought about writing screenplays, but it's so hard to express yourself in such a format...I don't know, what do you think? If you find a good script writing course, I might do it with you! : )
    Was thinking about the london school of journalism.