Tuesday, February 21, 2012

beauty of a long distance relationship

"I can't accept these. All I do is go back and forth from class all day. It feels foolish to wear such cute flats."

I tuck the shoes back into the box, push it onto his lap.

"You don't need an occasion to wear nice flats. Make every day an occasion. You obsess about finding the perfect moment for everything."

I shake my head. "I'd just feel too guilty."

"Maybe that's why I'm your life," he offers, placing his hand over mine. "To alleviate your guilt. To treat you when you can't seem to treat yourself."

**I'll often wallow in the frustration that comes with being far from the one I love but lately, I've been uncovering silver linings. Many of them. I get to value living by myself, a pleasure my own mother never even had. We cherish every moment together; there's no taking anything for granted.
Many times it seems difficult, unfair. But I've learned that we can all handle whatever circumstances are handed to us. We can use them to discover more about ourselves. Yes, with the distance comes an empty, longing separation but there's also room to flourish, independently and together.