Saturday, April 7, 2012

how to trick myself into writing

Sometimes it's difficult to write when there isn't time or energy to sit at the computer for hours. I've found a few "loopholes" throughout the years that help me when I'm a little busier.

1. Notepad function on a phone-whether it's jotting down a random thought or sensory detail around me, this program is a great way to record ideas so my mind is always in writing mode

2. Reading--sifting through quotes, newspaper articles, or other blogs keeps me stimulated and inspired

3. Conversing with friends--Where do we get our best dialogue from? Our best conflicts? For me, it's from the experiences my friends, family, and I have actually been through. When someone is venting to me, they're teaching me to understand their own motivations and desires.

"I do some of my best writing while washing the dishes." Ann Lamott

How do you write when you don't have time?
Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


  1. I blog?
    At the moment I'm on hold until after the A to Z Challenge is over.

  2. I think mine is a combo between pounding out a quick blog entry, but also just making myself jot down a page or two in my 5x8 moleskine almost every night. Like, I'll get ready for bed, set my alarm, and then lay on my stomach with my notebook in front of me and write what I can :)

  3. I've been struggling with writing lately (more due to writer's block and than lack of time) and I've found that using bullet points to lay out some ideas for the scene I'm working on really helps. Somehow using bullets instead of sentences frees me up, reminds me that i don't have to write it perfect the first time out.