Sunday, June 10, 2012

4 elements to include in your first chapter

I've started novel 2 and have had trouble getting through the beginning. There are so many great articles about what should be included in the first chapter, so I thought I'd share my list.  

What's in yours?

1. Introduction of the main character(s)
2. A conflict. Starting the first chapter with some drama is a great way to pull readers in! 
3. A strong opening scene. I've read the most people decide whether or not to buy a book based off the first page, so this one is extremely important!
4. A solid voice and tone. The first chapter is the place to establish the voice of a story. Some books do a great job of setting an ominous tone but then fall short as the chapter continues.


  1. Great list, Saumya! I try not to stress too much about the beginning at first. I just want to get the story on the page. My beginning almost always gets changed anyway since I come up with new ideas as I write the middle and end.