Sunday, June 17, 2012

Advice to remember

It's important to remind ourselves that anything worth pursuing is going to bring a lot of fear and devastation with it. 

On reading this article about how one woman wrote a best-seller, I tried to memorize these words: 

Don’t talk about doing it. Do it and then tell people about it. You need a single minded focus, so it’s best to direct your energy and effort into accomplishing something rather than explaining it to people.
My own family only knew I completed the book once I sent them pictures of my first copies fresh off the press. Many of my friends only heard about it when I sent them invites to the book launch."

(*Something I particularly admired about the author is her honesty about purpose and worth in life. She was very successful with her first attempt at a book but she ends the article stating that she doesn't know what's next and may not even write again.)


  1. Saumya--thanks so much for this! I hadn't seen it before checking your blog this morning, and probably wouldn't have without your post. The article was definitely worth a read (or seven, because there's lots of loads of goodness in there).

  2. My wife and parents knew I was writing my first book, but that was it!

  3. I don't know, I think it depends on the person. For a very long time I was the person who never told anyone if she was writing, what she was writing, etc. But lately I've been a bit more open - not telling everyone in my life, and certainly not telling them every detail, but I've told maybe 3 people that I'm working on something and given them general information about it...and I find that it spurs me to really work on it, because I want to prove to them that I can finish it, you know?

  4. I like the idea of not talking about it, but just doing it. But I don't think I'd keep it all to myself. After all, networking helps sell books. And writing is not just what we do--it's who we are. I couldn't keep that to myself.

  5. Ah, focus!!! Always my weak point. I have too many things to focus on - a job, five kids, a husband, a household, aging parents... alas, writing doesn't make the top of the list. I continue mostly because it is so nice to take a break from the real world and dive into my characters for a while.