Monday, June 25, 2012

A common sort of...blah

Do you ever go through periods of apathy with your work, your passions? An unexpected, ill fitting apathy--the kind that occupies most hours. It's somewhere at the intersection of burn out and confusion. 
I know a lot of people say that feeling "uninspired" or "out of it" is an excuse, a refusal to try harder. But, you know, it's possible for a sentiment to come over you as an uncontrollable force, like the weather.
This post isn't meant to be depressing (as I'm not depressed) but merely realistic. Does everyone sometimes deal with a common sort of blah that's often stifled in society? 

I've found that novelty helps. So does:
 Talking about it. 
And not talking about it. 
 Reading quotes while sipping coffee.
A lot of coffee.
 Friends who don't give you a choice but fun--uncomplicated, irrational fun.
Celebrating the choices and victories of others. 


  1. That last one does it for me. And yes, I went through a long six months of blah with my writing. Fortunately, I got better!

  2. Oh God, yes, blah happens to me all the time. And I hate it. It's such a hideous way to feel about something you normally love!

  3. For short periods, I let myself feel apathetic. Why not? If we have something every day, we tend to take it for granted or it becomes boring.

    If it becomes longer than a few days, I generally need something new to jolt me into it.
    Collaborate with a friend on a poem or write a short story about the first stranger you see, putting them in it.

    Or, take a main character in your story and kill them. Now, write about how they are going to come back to life a la soap opera. The crash, disease, etc. really happened but you have to figure out a way to save them. If not, they're doomed.

  4. Yes, it happens. Reality isn't always so romantic so the blahs get a foothold and then, you know. It's just blah.

    I like your recommendations. I also recommend getting out and doing something you normally don't do. Shaking up life helps.

    And thank you for your kind comments on my blog today. They meant a lot. Sorry that we have certain bad memories in common!

  5. A common sort of blah hits us all at times. And it's okay. And it's normal. Knowing when you're there--in that blah time--is important to recognize. Doing something different or new helps me.

  6. Friends that don't let you sit around and contemplate your navel are the best in the world!!! I'm awfully prone to introspection and blahs, but then I also experience such creative highs, I suppose that's just part of the parcel!