Wednesday, July 11, 2012

If I Knew Then What I Know Now...

In order to prevent burnout or resentment and build gratitude, I've done some posts about what I would tell my old self. It's always around this time every year that I become myself again. Something about the pink, unimposing July does it. 

1. You'll experience heartbreaks of all types: from friends, relationships, and places. Don't dwell on them or try to change the situation. Improve yourself and move on. 

2. Writing is editing. Period. 

3. Happiness will hit you at unexpected times, like while you're sipping white wine on a porch with your great love, exchanging silence. You'll recognize it.

4. Fall in love with everything you do. Homework. Breakfast. A bold shade of lipstick. Just fall in love. 

5. Things may look like they come easily for some but know that everyone is working hard at something. 

6. The older you get, the less you'll judge. Acceptance will embrace you and others.

7. View everything you do as practice. Then, nothing will ever feel wasted. 

8. Don't dismiss anyone or anything. You never know....


  1. Wise words for your younger self! Agree totally about judging less.

  2. I would also put in - Respect yourself no matter what. Everything is colored by how much you have respect for yourself.

    Love these tidbits!

  3. The things you love should, by far, outnumber the things you don't like. These are wonderful.

  4. View everything you do as practice - then nothing will feel wasted. Such great advice but I cannot figure out how to apply it to cleaning house!!! :)

    what I am learning more and more is that happiness is in the little things. Life is in the details.

  5. Thanks for these wonderful words. I was feeling very low now a days....