Tuesday, August 28, 2012

What are your get-to-work essentials?

Psychologists have come up with the term conditioning and apparently, having routines or objects that you associate with productivity can help condition your mind to get into work mode!
Here are some of my essentials:
Philosophy grace hand lotion
and a space to think.
(Also, not shown here, but fine pointed Sharpies, Post Its, and Rosebud lip gloss)

I love knowing other people's working processes.
What's on your desk? 

P.S. “Start a huge, foolish project, like Noah…it makes absolutely no difference what people think of you.” 



  1. Probably an easier question is what's NOT on my desk! :). Things I can't go without include coffee, my latest music playlist, and a sketchpad to doodle on when I get stuck. I really like to have M&M's, but I'm cutting back my absentminded sugar consumption.

    My name's lee, and I'm four days clean from my m&m habit...ugh

  2. M&Ms are my weakness as well. I wouldn't be able to cut back, lol, especially not on the peanut ones. Congrats on your query, Lee!! So proud of you and can't wait to the great places it's going to go!

  3. Pens, papers and a bottle of water.

  4. Pens, post-it notes, caffeine, and my laptop!

  5. My playlist, my laptop (of course), and my "writing bag". I don't have a desk, so some essentials go in my bag. My 3-ring binder with all my notes, pencils, pens, and my emotion encyclopedia.

  6. I don't have desk, but I have to have my laptop (obviously), Chai tea or water, and music. Chocolate is a definite plus!