Monday, September 17, 2012

Alex's Genre Blogfest

As part of Alex's blogfest, I have to list my favorite genre in music, books, and movies AND a guilty pleasure from one. Here it goes!

Movies: Old, black and white. Roman Holiday is my favorite. I love how Princess Ann waltzes out of her life because of curiosity. I love how she keeps that day as a secret folded in herself. I love the innocence, charm, and fear that only comes with falling in love for the first time, with finding someone who stretches you in new ways. 

Music: Classical Indian, especially when it uses the tabla. 
A little background: Tabla is a pair of hand drums commonly used in Kathak music. Kathak is the North Indian style of dance I learned growing up. Of course, tabla is used in many Indian songs (cue impromptu Bollywood scene in a meadow with the rain).

Books: Women's fiction--literary, upmarket, or commercial. 
Guilty Pleasure: Justin Bieber (cringe). My sister and I might have become addicted to "Boyfriend" this summer. 

What are your favorites? 


  1. I so enjoy finding out more about people by knowing what they like (and dislike!). I especially liked reading about the tabla.

    My guilty pleasure may be even more cringeworthy than yours. My teen daughter likes listening to One Direction, and although I would not admit this anywhere else, *so do I*!

  2. Haha - I like Boyfriend too! My guilty pleasure is Pitbull. LOVE listening to his stuff.

    Neat blogfest!

  3. Now that is a guilty pleasure!
    Thanks for participating in my blogfest.

  4. love anything with Audrey Hepburn! I'm so glad my husband enjoys indian music, he even has some lyrics to a couple of them memorized. I can't remember the title of the song,but it's from the movie Taal.

    1. Ah! The songs from that movie are fantastic! Ishq Bina? Kariye Naa?

  5. Audrey, lovely, lovely woman. Her movies are awesome, and black and whites -- so glad they didn't colorize all of them. Laughing at the guilty pleasure, sorry.
    I blame it on the fact that I had boys -- no intro to the likes of girls, instead it was Rob Zombie, RAP, and any and all video games.

  6. Ahh, Roman Holiday! What a fabulous movie. I'll have to watch it again soon.

  7. I love those old movies too! Roman Holiday is so well done. I tend to watch more of the musicals - Singing in the Rain types - so good :)

  8. I LOVE old black and white movies, too!! Audrey Hepburn is one of my favorite classic Hollywood actresses.

  9. Oh come on, you have to list some of your favorite books! I want to know!

    I'm always surprised by who loves Justin Beiber. :) He is a charmer, isn't he!

  10. Hi, Saumya,

    Dropped over for the blogfest. Nice to meet you.

    LOVED, LOVED, LOVED, Roman Holiday. Hepburn at her best! And first movie too! She won the academy award for it.

    Interesting favs.... Bieber ... Hmmm. That is a guilty pleasure. LOL.

  11. I haven't watched many black and white movies. I see them listed on the TV guide channel and think about checking them out, but never do. It's hard to find time to sit down and watch a movie.

  12. I love the title of your blog!! Thats clever. :)

    My favorite black and white movie is Bringing Up Baby with Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn. It always makes me smile.

  13. Your guilty pleasure made me laugh! A song came onto the radio recently and I thought, hmmm, that sounds like Justin Bieber, but it can't be because I actually like this song! Hehe ;) Anyway, turned out it was him!

  14. I do love the old black and white movies, but you'll have no competition from me for the last Beiber CD :)

  15. Hi, Saumya. It's very good to meet you. I love classic films. My family knows that I want dvds for any gift-giving situation. I'm nearly done going though the AFI Greatest 100 films of all time. I did not see Roman Holiday until a couple of years ago. I was bummed when she didn't come running after him at the end, but agree that it is a great film. I own it now.