Sunday, January 20, 2013

When Do You Feel Most Like Yourself?

Over the past few years, I've learned that part of finding gratitude in each day, part of evolving and learning, comes from introspection.

While sifting through a magazine, I came across this question:

When do you feel most like yourself?

An array of answers came to mind:

-At the end of a hot yoga class, when I'm pressed against the mat as my muscles and thoughts relax
-In front of a computer with a blank Word document and a cup of strong coffee by my side
-On monthly phone dates with friends who always inspire, encourage, and support
-While I'm learning about someone's struggles and coming up with ways to help, whether that's medically or emotionally
-When I'm perched onto the island in my parents' kitchen, my siblings snacking on potato chips, my father snapping pictures of us on his iPhone, and my mother turning up the volume on a dance song
-Sitting in coffee shops alone
-Pumping frozen yogurt into a paper cup and then sticking in two spoons, one for Samir, one for me, before we walk through New York
-Opening a new book to learn about a character or cause to root for

When do you feel most like yourself? Which daily moments give you gratitude?  


  1. When I am playing my guitar and when I am in the house of the Lord. Those are the moments.

  2. Excellent post-

    Loved yours. Mine would be when I'm with my family- doing anything together. I also like Alex's answer.

  3. I feel I like myself most when I am exploring new places, meeting new people and gathering new experiences.
    Daily I am grateful to the Universe for for giving me all the things I never even asked for.

  4. the hush that falls at sundown... alone in my car on a long road... like yours, a blank word document... lovely question today!

  5. I like this post. :)

    I feel mine would be like Alex's, too. - sitting with my husband just enjoying each others company after a long week of working too hard. - after a difficult workout. - after I've been writing a scene and just got lost in the characters and the moment so much so, that it seemed real. - sitting in overstuffed chair with my dogs cuddled up with me, while I read a really good book with a glass of wine.

    Those are the moments when I feel most at peace and able to just be.

  6. I'm not sure how to answer that question. Probably at odd moments when it dawns on me that I've been somewhere else mentally.

  7. An excellent question. I feel most myself when I'm engaged in an activity that gives me a sense of discovery.

  8. When I create things I feel like myself, though better, much better than what I can claim to be normally.

  9. What a great question... and a thinker. Hmm.

    I feel like myself when I'm planning new books, when I'm taking long walks with my husband, and when I'm baking things I know I shouldn't be eating. ;)

  10. I love your list and it immediately inspired me if I could steal this idea for blog post of my own. Right off the top of my head, I feel most myself when I am with other writers and/or readers! - discussing a good book or brainstorming a plot or lamenting a character - LOVE IT! But there are many other things too.