Thursday, February 14, 2013

On purpose

Your purpose in life is to find your purpose and give your whole heart and soul to it” 

There's duty, love, and then there's purpose. Purpose is in the answer to these questions:
What makes you lose track of time?
What keeps you distracted but fulfilled?
Purpose can be woven into a career or it can be an underlying current among different facets of a life. It's different for everyone and evolves as we do. 

I've learned that so far, purpose has been about devoting my time to causes and issues far grander than myself. It's also about shifting those subtle wishes into wills. 

Often, I don't realize that answers are everywhere if I'm willing to see them. A few weeks ago, I watched this video for the twentieth time and wondered, "Why can't I connect with others to talk about body image?"
Then the other little voice in my head challenged, "Why not?"
With that, I thought of making a body image workshop at my school as part of the Women's Health Association (which I put the building blocks down for a couple of years ago). It turns out, there are a number of physicians, professors, parents, and advocates who also want to discuss this issue. 

I've often been frustrated at feeling as though I'm not living out my purpose yet but slowly, I've discovered that this isn't true. Maybe I can't dissect women's issues as a clinician but I can take baby steps with the resources and skills that are here now. I can use my love for words to explore a woman's journey by writing feminist poetry or visit a professor who has worked with mothers in Africa. 

Across the internet, I read about different people taking the time to weave words, care for their families, and pursue their numerous interests. Purpose and passion, intertwined into one life. 
You guys are incredible and even though I don't say it enough, you serve as daily reminders that purpose is the best treatment for burnout.  
I hope your Valentine's Day is filled with purpose in many forms!

  What gives you a sense of purpose? 


  1. You are wise beyond your years. Purpose is the linchpin that holds everything else together and interconnects us not only with ourselves, but with others. I love the TD Jakes quote.

    And I love your little voice that challenges, "Why not?"

  2. Purposes come in all sizes, and the person living with a purpose lives longer!