Sunday, June 30, 2013

Proposal story

Samir and I are so appreciative of all the sweet messages from fellow bloggers. Also, with the exception of this post, this won't become a wedding/engagement blog, haha!

Some back story: 

 Samir was part of a singing group called Penn Masala when he was in college. I had been a fan of the group since I was 13 and we always relished that when I first saw him, I was literally cheering for him on stage. I even turned to my best friend and in a total schoolgirl tone, exclaimed, "That guy is way too cute!"

Music quickly became the foundation of our relationship. We passed a lot of weekend mornings with him either playing the guitar or keyboard while I sang. Our first Valentine's was spent at a concert. We always scoped out restaurants with live bands or dance floors. At one point, Samir worked for Sony Music and would always send me the latest songs from our favorite artists.


A few weeks before I came to New York, Samir told me he had arranged for us to go to a private concert with one of my favorite artists. (Since he used to work at Sony Music, he attended these types of things often.) I asked him who it was and he insisted he wanted to keep it a surprise.

"It's one of your all time favorite artists," he promised.

I immediately blurted, "You're actually my favorite artist. You should perform."

On Monday night, we dressed up and headed to the theater near NYU (we had actually been there before to meet my writing inspiration, Nicholas Kristof). Once we got there, Samir made a phone call, turned to me, and said, "The artist is actually setting up and I want you to be surprised, so I'm going to blindfold you until everything's ready."

He took my hand and led me down to stairs and into a seat. Then he said he had to speak with the artist's manager and would be right back.

A few minutes later, he yelled, "You can take off your blindfold now."

When I uncovered my eyes, the entire place was empty (Samir had rented out the whole theater!) and he was sitting on the stage at a grand piano. Before I could say anything, he began playing one of our favorite songs and singing along.

Holy crap, this is it. This is that moment, I kept thinking as I tried not to get emotional. Everything around us seemed to blur and there was some mix of shock and excitement and surrealism.

He continued singing with lyrics he composed himself-----lyrics about our beginning and everything that brought us to our present.

After he was done, he asked me to come on stage. When he got down on one knee, he said, "I wanted to recreate the way we first met and then I had an entire speech and now I'm blanking."

"I don't care!" I shrieked.

He had also hired a professional photographer who took pictures for a bit. After we left, he told me he had made reservations at our favorite restaurant in the city, Gramercy Tavern. We kept repeating, "we're engaged" in the hopes that it would sink in. (It still hasn't.) A lot of our night was spent retelling the story to our families and friends on the phone.

Now, it's as though I simultaneously have the wonder of a little girl and the peace of a grown woman.  He's taken me in both directions of time.

This is something I wrote for him later:

" you see, I’d been trying to create you for many years, either by combining the best of other people or by substituting you altogether. I had no idea that once I’d actually find you, we’d recognize each other right away. And we did, right? We had this feeling that we were supposed to know each other. I know they say you’re supposed to love yourself first---and I did---but being with you has given me a deeper understanding of who I hope to become and more importantly, what it means to be inspired by someone on a daily basis."

All photos are by Isaiah Tanenbaum Photography

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Back from a long hiatus....and engaged!

Samir proposed on Monday night!

I can't wait to catch up with everyone's blogs and will definitely post the proposal story soon. 

We are soaking up the beauty and warmth of Napa for the next few days and then it'll be time for an amazing Maternal-Fetal Medicine rotation!