Monday, November 18, 2013

If I Knew Then What I Knew Now

1. My good friend Sherwin once said, "With any relationship in your life, remember there's always someone who can take your place." Her point was that any relationship can atrophy without effort. 

2. Someday, you'll appreciate the beauty in letting go. 

3. There's something about December that feels like a boulder at the very top of a hill, seconds from rushing down. The moment before momentum.

4. See that first draft you've got there? It's about 40 drafts away from what it will be someday. Embrace that. Don't prioritize some preconceived deadline over potential.

5. Find gratitude in absence. The people you've let go of have made your life better----simply by not being a part it.

6. Some of your happiest and proudest moments will be secrets.

7. Put in time towards your friendships. Make a phone call. Send a handwritten card. Surprise someone with flowers on their birthday. Show up.

8. Spend years cultivating your voice. Repeat.

9. Remember that every human being has something to teach you.

10. Allow yourself to be excited about things that have already happened. In moderation, looking back is one of the best ways to learn.

11. Don't forget the three P's for any goal: Patience, Priorities, Plans.

*This post is an addition to a series about what I'd tell my younger self**


  1. Number five is so true. Sad, but true. Sometimes it's better to let some people go.
    Really like number nine. Every person in our life can teach us something if we just pay attention.

  2. And there is such a richness in #6 that I find amplifies as I age. All these are wonderful~

  3. Love all these points! Thanks for sharing this!

  4. Did something happen? Is everything OK?

    1. Yes, everything is wonderful! Why do you ask?

    2. good to know that everything is well...reading the list I felt you were sad :-)
      How did you like RamLeela? Did Madhvi aunty like it as well?

  5. Oh number four! I think you're missing a zero when it comes to my work and revisions. LOL

    Letting go is something I'm really working on. There are days I don't win, though.

  6. Oh I love this! I started to think one number was the best one but as I kept reading, I decided they all are so true about life! Lots of wisdom here.

  7. Like that thing about the three P's for any goal: I think Patience pays off well when used at the right places.

  8. This are all so good. I especially love the ones about friendships, putting time into them. Sometimes I wonder if its worth the effort, but it always is. And every human being has something to teach you. Yes! Maybe not the happiest lessons, but necessary.