Monday, October 20, 2014

on restoration

Have you ever had too much space from your work? To the point where you feel rusty and it takes time to get back into a rhythm? 

Samir sent me this article, written by a psychiatrist, about the importance of story telling in medicine. It reminded me that story telling keeps me alert to everything about life: relationships, surroundings, struggles, changes, etc. When I have distance from that, I don't feel as present. Does that make sense? 

Being in New York has helped. So has carrying multiple notebooks, reading books from high school, and studying movies. I hope that with enough practice, the story telling will flow effortlessly again, and I can apply it to life inside and outside of the hospital. 

P.S. I came across this wonderful article about rekindling the spark with writing.


  1. I know just what you mean. Building writing into an already busy routine can be tough, and once you let it go for a while, it does feel like an uphill climb to get back into a project. And once you start to feel worried about it, flow is even less likely to come. I've been reading this book Around the Writer's Block that talks about the brain science of creativity and encourages making time to just play to help the brain approach creativity with more relaxation.

  2. Sometimes, when life gets in the way, you have to do what you can and hope whatever is rusty can be found or made new.
    With being sick on and off (mostly on) for over a year, my writing output has suffered more than I'd like to admit. I just do what I can and hope it will wait for me. Same for anyone.

    I love your "rejection" graphic. If someone wants to make a giant cuddle pillow out of it and send it my way... I wouldn't complain.

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  4. I love the way you view things in life! Makes me more optimistic as well :)

  5. Oh I hear you. If I'm isolated, I don't feel a spark. The world around me, nature, people, work, socialising, everything, is where I find my inspiration... You will too, once a writer, always a writer!