Sunday, November 16, 2014


Good luck to everyone participating in NaNo! This post isn't writing related but deals with a topic artists are familiar with.

I've discussed loneliness here before (and its distinction from solitude----a necessary virtue for creation). Over the past couple of weeks, I've met people studying suicide prevention, depression, and human connection.  There's a lot of ongoing research about the paradox of social media: despite having more access to human lives, people report higher levels of loneliness, and social interaction has declined. Individuals who report feeling lonely have an increased risk of suicide, are more likely to experience poorer outcomes after surgery, and have a higher chance of passing away from medical conditions.  I wonder if it'll someday be appropriate to cite an emotional epidemic as a legitimate public health concern. 

This quote beautifully expresses the sentiment of loneliness:

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  1. It's a disconnect from real human contact and ourselves. Online contact can't replace being with a person in real life. And I'll be bold enough to say it also comes from not having God in one's life, because with Him, you are never alone.