Tuesday, December 30, 2014

another holiday in India

December in India has its own charm. There are slim Santa Clauses and scattered trees covered with ornaments. Cars, cows, and horses occupy the same lane on a busy road. Our days are spent going through checklists for the wedding while evenings are a blur of family visits (and battles with jet lag).

A couple of weeks ago, our priest said, "If you want to know yourself, study your parents. If you really want to know yourself, study your grandparents. Whether you find things in yourself that you love or hate, you will see that they are also present in the people you came from."

Knowing where we come from---there's something to that.

A traditional Gujarati meal

My feisty and independent grandmother :) 

A blurry photo of us on the way to a sari store

My niece who is proof that sass and an obsession with dance is in our D.N.A.

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  1. Everyone should have a feisty grandmother.
    Glad you had a great Christmas in India!