Sunday, December 7, 2014

couch and draft

1. The Times has a section on mental health called Couch!**

"For some people, the psychiatrist’s couch is a metal examining table." 
Anne Skomorowsky

2. There's also another section, Draft, where writers share their thoughts on the craft of writing. There are essays on not writing, how twisted thoughts create strong plot lines, the importance of being honest about hardships, and more. **

3. The health benefits of of journaling and an application that encourages it**

4. Another read about how writing about depression helps decrease the stigma of mental illness and provides solace to others.**


  1. Good links.
    There is incredible stigma about mental illnesses and a blanket the creative community tries to shove them under when people mention any correlation.

    How goes your training?

  2. Yes, so true. Training is going well. The days are busy and I'm learning a lot! How is everything with you?