Friday, December 12, 2014

when you can't write

Ways to sharpen your writing when you can't write:

1. Study popular television shows and ask what makes them work well. Dissect the characters and dialogue.

2. Learn someone's life story. Watch their face when they are filled with hope. Observe the tone of their voice when you ask about their plans for the holidays.

3.  Plot during your commute. If you drive, contemplate ways to add more conflict in your work.

4. Listen to an audiobook.

5. Watch a Ted talk on a topic you know nothing about.

6. Soak in details about everything. Writers are observers. 

7. Take a break from anything creative.

8. Sleep.

9. Write a diary entry from each character's perspective.

10. Read Psychology Today and learn more about human nature. Read everything. 


  1. Watch television! I can do that. And sleep. I like my sleep.

  2. Nice tips. I also think that getting out of the house and going someplace where you can observe people can give you fresh ideas. At the other extreme, sometimes if my writing is stalled, I use that time to make lists: lists of adjectives, colors, synonyms, actions, whatever. It loosens up creativity. Have a great Christmas.

  3. Watching good movies is another one....

  4. Excelentes dicas,mas a leitura e viagens, creio serem suficientes!
    Feliz 2015, Saumya! Abraços!

    VitorNani/Hang Gliding Paradise