Thursday, March 12, 2015


Do you enjoy books with multiple points of view? Last year, I realized there was another prominent voice in my manuscript: my main character's mother. 

It could be the combination of planning my own wedding and an innate curiosity towards the concept of marriage but suddenly, it seemed clear. My M.C.'s mother had a want. A voice.

Sometimes, I've had to learn to simply surrender, allow things to take their natural course, and be patient with the process. 

Now it's a matter of learning more about her and giving her story justice. 

Nandini had observed this part of her husband’s bedtime routine during their first week of marriage, when they were still strangers, aware of their inevitable intimacy. 


  1. Hi Saumya, yes, sometimes some characters suddenly start demanding a voice, a more prominent role etc. Its happening in my MS too.

  2. It can either be a compelling, tightly-woven novel or a positively disheveled mess. But I believe you can pull it off!

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