Tuesday, April 21, 2015

bachelorette party

My closest girlfriends, from the various plot points of my life, came together this past weekend and gave me a bachelorette party I'll never forget. There were thoughtful details woven throughout the weekend, from my best friend surprising me all the way from India, the personalized welcome bags from my Ami and Maansi, gorgeous gifts, hilarious games played at restaurants, clubs, and the pool, a surprise massage and cupcakes, and of course, the gift Samir sent to all of us: Alan from The Hangover.

I relished watching all of these women getting to know each other through old stories and new memories. At certain points, I felt myself swelling from all of the love and contentment, and knew that somehow, I've gotten much more than I deserve. 

Minutes after she surprised me 

She designed our shirts, decorated the room, planned games, made an entire bouquet out of Dum Dum lollipops, and just needs to start a party planning business already.

David Guetta at XS 

All of us minus Arti, who somehow managed to balance working throughout the weekend and making sure everyone had a great time.


  1. That's great your best friend came over from India. Looks like you had a great crowd for your party.

  2. Remember what I told you: you deserve everything. My favorite part of the weekend was how sweet you were when guys told you to marry them instead. You had the entire city in your hands! LMFAO, the guy who begged you to be with him.

  3. We all had the best time! Glad you loved your Mixbook, tee hee

  4. Awwww!! This is so precious! I am leaving for my sis' bachelorette tomorrow! Eeep!

    1. Oh my gosh, have an amazing time and tell us about when you're back!!!

  5. Great moment of life you have shared. Keep me more updates.