Tuesday, May 26, 2015

our big, fat Indian wedding

Samir and I are still recovering from wedding. It was the best weekend of our lives and we can't believe it's over. 

Mendhi night

Had the best time with my girlfriends in between events and during our dance performance at the Sangeet

My friend Ami made our table numbers, each with a book title, and  literary quotations for each table

Penn Masala, the group that Samir was on (and the reason we met)

Our decorator surprised us with a welcome table that had a theme of books and music

Surprise love letter and peonies from Samir the morning of the wedding

Ending our night on the dance floor


  1. What a gorgeous celebration! I've never been to an Indian wedding. It looks like you had the time of your lives! I love all the color and festivity. You are a stunning bride. Wishing you many more weekends in your marriage that are just as memorable as this one!! Congratulations, Saumya!

  2. Beautiful photos and a very beatiful bride, that is you. Congratulations!
    Wish you both a long life of togetherness, filled with love!

  3. Congratulations! It looks amazing.
    You make a glorious bride.

  4. So gorgeous! Nothing compares to an Indian wedding, that's for sure. Now I'm craving butter chicken and want to get up and dance!

  5. You are absolutely a lovely bride. I am a South Indian and never been to a north Indian wedding. Love to go once. That was indeed a big, fat Indian wedding. God bless you both...