Sunday, May 3, 2015

when something bad has happened

Today, my parents were discussing a situation that seemed terrible at first and ended up being a blessing in disguise. It took them several years to see this. Their conversation made me think of the moments that don't often receive the gratitude they deserve. 


I'm grateful for the (many) rejections I received during my early writing days.
They taught me that I had a lot of learning to do and that writing is a craft that requires discipline, hard work, flexibility, and a willingness to continuously improve. 

I'm grateful for the guy who tried to push me into marrying him and my confusion and guilt over not wanting to. 
He taught me that there should never be so much convincing required when making a life choice. 

I'm grateful for the people who were never able to admit their mistakes. 
They taught me the value of the strong friendships in my life and helped me cultivate forgiveness. 

I'm grateful for my unhappiness towards moving around a lot as a child.
It taught me to seek solace in books, so I was never dependent on others for fulfillment, and cherish my younger siblings. 

I'm grateful for the high stress that coated many days over the past several years.
It taught me to manage my time, never take days off for granted, and work to build a life I won't need days off from.

I'm grateful to the years of uncertainty about blending my passions for medicine, writing, and public health. 
They taught me to seek mentors who combine their interests to create multi-faceted careers and be open to taking a fluid path.

I'm grateful to the helplessness I felt during our family trips to India, when children banged their fists on our cab windows.
It taught me about the complexity of poverty and that trying to make a difference is a lifelong pursuit, paved with its own setbacks and triumphs.  


  1. There is always something to learn from every situation.
    I was a military brat and we moved around a lot when I was young. It taught me to appreciate the many cultures of this world.

  2. Yes, yes, yes. I am grateful for people who bullied me when I was younger. They made me stop caring what anyone else ever thought. Great blog post as always!

  3. Beautiful! How you turn these things around into a positive!