Sunday, June 7, 2015

3 ways to get back into writing after a hiatus

I've found that space and writing have a curvilinear relationship. A break, intentional or forced, can provide clarity and treat burnout. Too much time, however, can cause creative atrophy. Some methods tend to work more than others when I'm trying to get back into my writing zone.

1. Reading multiple books in the genre I'm trying to write in
Learning from authors who are more skilled in the craft has always helped me. I take note of scenes, dialogue, descriptions, and story structure to note what works and what doesn't. I also pick a few things to read "passively" every evening, since constant analysis can take the joy out of entertainment. 

2. Watching and analyzing movies
Sometimes, I'll see a part of a movie, and ask myself how the same image could be conveyed through words.  If an actress has a particular accent or mannerism, is there a way to write that efficiently? Do the opening and closing scenes of the movie set a tone? How is the world built through dialogue (or a lack of it)? 

3. Sifting through poetry
Poetry makes its own rules. Each poem manages to convey a virtue, experience, or emotion in a tiny space. It serves as a constant reminder that part of creativity is playing with words and defying conventions. 

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  1. I've never tried poetry, but the other two work well. Especially movies. Any excuse to watch a bunch of films!