Tuesday, June 9, 2015

marriage advice

These are some tidbits Samir and I have received from our loved ones so far. I've relished how the advice has been similar whether it's come from someone in an arranged marriage or what Indians call a "love marriage". 

-Always believe your partner is doing the best he or she can
-Embrace each other's family and friends as your own
-Schedule new activities together 
-Schedule activities independently
-Make clear decisions on finances from the beginning
-Go to each other first, not friends or family, when there's an issue
-Build your bond on respect above any other virtue


  1. And always communicate!
    Going to each other first is so important. I cringe when I hear people complain about their spouses at work. They should be talking to their spouses, not co-workers.

  2. I hope you are happy for your entire lives and beyond.

  3. Very sensible advice, and it suits both love and arranged marriages. Lovely picture!
    All the very best to you and your dear husband!