Sunday, June 21, 2015

the struggle with doing something you love

I can only write when I'm in the proper state of mind, one that's driven by constant observation, reading, and editing. One where every character is strewn across the city and every line of dialogue I hear in a restaurant becomes material. 

There's never a period of rest and it seems more appropriate that way. 
When I get to know writing better, I realize how much I'll always have to learn. It requires that I rewrite and rewrite and put something away for a bit and then rewrite again. It requires spending hours in front of a computer screen and ignoring the outside world. It brings pangs of regret and uncertainty that eventually become part of my daily physiologic workings. It demands that I finish a piece of work and embrace countless rejections. 

When you do something you love, you willingly accept everything that comes with it, good and bad. You make your own rules, change your mind, and build an appreciation for the process. You get beaten down and then, whether it's days, months, or years, later, you start again. Because you simply have to. There's no other way. 

People may romanticize the life of someone who writes daily. While I understand the appeal of that classic writerly image, that coffee drinking, chic individual who spouts profound prose without any effort, I think there are parts that remain concealed. Specifically, the struggle. And that's unfortunate because the struggle is often a larger part of the story than the victory. 

"The writing life is essentially one of solitary confinement---if you can't deal with this, you needn't apply." Will Self

"You must always be prepared to work without applause." Ernest Hemingway


  1. It wouldn't be as grand a victory if there wasn't a struggle, right?

  2. It's so true that we're constantly learning in this writing thing! It's difficult, but if you love it then you keep at it.

  3. great post! I don't think if I had the available time to write daily that I could. I like to break things up too much so I don't get bored. is that bad? nah, not for me it isn't!