Saturday, July 25, 2015

we have some impulse within us

Photo by: Reichman Photography

"We write for the same reason that we walk, talk, climb mountains or swim the oceans—because we can. We have some impulse within us that makes us want to explain ourselves to other human beings. That’s why we paint, that’s why we dare to love someone–because we have the impulse to explain who we are. Not just how tall we are, or thin...but who we are internally…perhaps even spiritually. There’s something which impels us to show our inner-souls. The more courageous we are, the more we succeed in explaining what we know."

Maya Angelou

Saturday, July 4, 2015

If I Knew Then: lessons I've learned

1. Throwing yourself into work you believe in will change you. It will empower you to navigate setbacks. It will make you a better person. Let the work change and let it change you. 

2. Don't wish for no failure. Wish for creative ways of dealing with it. Dwell in rock bottom for a bit---you're not the first person who has been there---and then move on. 

3. Anyone who is not in your life doesn't belong there. Never forget the things they taught you and be grateful for their absence.

4. Seek novelty with family. Learn your parents' and grandparents' backstories, the people they were before you existed.

5. Strike up conversations with bartenders. They've seen it all.

6. Compliment people on their strengths. There's a high chance they haven't heard about them enough.

7. The best friendships are the ones where honesty flows in both directions, where forgiveness is implied and doesn't have to be stated or pointed out.

8. When someone is wrong, they'll sometimes try even harder to defend themselves.

9. Embrace your parents as people with their own tapestries of triumph, pain, wisdom, and strength.

10. Look back only long enough to piece events together, to accept that everything had to occur to get you to where you are now. 

Thursday, July 2, 2015