Monday, August 10, 2015

recent reflections

How do you balance your multiple projects? 

Every few months, I have to readjust my expectations about how much work I can accomplish within a given day, week, or month.

I started working at the hospital in July. Sometimes (like yesterday), the days are 15 hours and I come home with barely enough energy to eat. 

Samir and I still value the time after those days since seeing each other exhausted and for a couple of hours is a big improvement from seeing each other once every two months.

I walk to work, which means I spend a little over an hour each day on my feet. I realized this is a valuable time to reflect on other projects and flex my creativity muscles.  I also realized that I have to start on other projects right when I get home because if I wait, I'll surrender to exhaustion.  

There are still a lot of mistakes ahead and I know I'll always have a lot to learn. For now, I'm happy with this trial and error type of adjustment. 


  1. You just make sure everything has a slice of the pie.

  2. It is difficult. I have been doing quite a juggle of several projects for at least 5 years. I am far from my goals but there have been some successes through out. My main reason for being able to juggle several businesses at the same time is having a great supportive partner in life. My husband is a constant and great supporter of my dreams.