About and Contact

Hello! I'm Saumya Dave, a twenty something Sagittarian interested in medicine, writing, women's rights, music, and philosophy. 

I've enjoyed every rotation in medical school and am especially interested in mental health,  global health, the psychosocial effects of diseases, and patient advocacy.

I'm also working on two long term projects: my first novel and MoBar, an organization that will provide healthcare for mothers in Niger. 

My parents and I immigrated to the United States in the late 80's. They taught me that words can be used for empowerment, education, and change. As a result, I relish connecting with other readers and writers so we can discuss the craft of writing

On this blog, I'll  occasionally share the lessons I wish I had learned earlier in lifeSometimes, I'll tell anecdotes about my future husband, Samir, our long distance relationship, and upcoming big, fat Indian wedding. The lighter but still meaningful topics, including Disney, desserts, style, and Audrey, will also have their posts. There are also plenty of quotes from those wiser than I'll ever be. 

As a feminist always on the hunt for introspection, I'll turn to the various strong women who have inspired me and compile posts on women's issues. 

I blog to connect, evolve, and pluck myself out of my comfort zone. Come join me in this journey of voice finding, world changing, sometimes pearl and red lipstick wearing bliss!


I would love to hear from you and about your own story. 


Thanks so much for stopping by!